Photoshopping Controversies: What If The Photographer Was…The Bad Guy?

Mr. Evil Retoucher, aka the guy behind the guy behind the lens, gets a pretty bad rap. Some see him (or her) as the dark lord who holds the power to make our self-esteems plummet. With one click of a mouse, Gisele's chest gets bigger, Adriana Lima's tummy gets tighter (as if it's possible), and consequently, our body images sink and plates shrink. Well, according to Fashionista, this master manipulator selling us lies and fake eyelashes may not actually be the villain after all.
After the Taylor-gate brouhaha, Retouchers Anonymous has come forward to point the finger at the shoddy job fashion photogs do at shoots, claiming that lackluster efforts are expected to be fixed in post-production (which supposedly results in over-Photoshopping). No matter who's the true culprit, photo fixing is a fact of life, but it seems to us that it's a slippery slope that needs some serious regulation. Where do you weigh-in on this heavy topic?

Photo: Via Fashionista.

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