60 Seconds With Parks & Recreation's Aziz Ansari

We already gave you some juicy shots from outside GQ's Best New Menswear Designers In America shindig at the ACE hotel, and look for our pics from inside the party (think Kanye, Kanye, Kanye), but right now we're cheering up your early evening courtesy of a short, LOL-worthy Q&A with the incomparable funny-man, Parks & Recreations Aziz Ansari.
Well, this is so cool—we didn't expect peg you to be out and and about at Fashion Week! Are you really into clothes?
"If I can buy it at Gap Kids...Really I'm just here for some fun."
Do you care what you wear?
"Not really."
So, in Parks & Recreation, you let them dress you in whatever?
"I kind of came up with the way my character, Tom Haverford, would dress. So I have him buy all his clothes at Brooks Brothers Boys, because they're cheaper there."
What are you most looking forward to during Fashion Week?
"Lots and lots and lots of cocaine."
You realize we're recording this right?
Do you have some?
"Nah, nah....I'm just kidding."
And with that, he sniffed his nose and walked away. Just joking, he didn't do that.

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