"I Was In That Teen Angst Space, Confused About Where I Stood In Life."

"I’ve always been shooting teenaged girls," says artist Petra Collins, who's been behind the camera since the age of fifteen. "I started taking photos of myself and my peers. My work has evolved since then and I’ve looked at so many young girls' lives."

Those insights inform the work of Collins, a photographer and fashion designer from Toronto, whose portfolio speaks to the nuanced, unfiltered side of teenage girlhood. You can see her artistic vision brought to life at 29Rooms, an immersive, interactive, and socially driven event we're hosting in Brooklyn during New York Fashion Week in honor of our 10th birthday.

"I really wanted to make a bathroom, because it’s a place where we all go to get ourselves ready, look at ourselves, and think about our bodies," Collins tells R29.

Ahead, she walks us through some of the images and ideas that helped inspire the one-of-a-kind installation.

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