Crazy Beauty Trick Worth Trying: Pepto-Bismol Blush

Here's a beauty trick we can honestly say we would never have come up with on our own: using Pepto-Bismol as blush. Pretty Gossip got all creative and used the digestive cure-all as a money-saving substitute for Benefit's Posie Tint Cheek Stain. Thanks to a healthy dose of red dyes number 22 and 28, smearing a little of the hot pink liquid on your cheeks results in a rosy pink color that's similar to the flush you would get with an expensive stain.
While this sounded like a great makeup tip, our initial thought was that there was no way this could be healthy for your skin. Turns out we were way off: Not only is Pepto safe to put on your face, it might actually be beneficial for your skin. "There is no permanent stain or consequence from using Pepto-Bismol as a cheap cheek color," says dermatologist Dr. Zena Gabriel. However, she says, you should not use Pepto on your face if you use any skin care products or supplements that contain sulfur — it will react with the active ingredients in Pepto-Bismol and may stain your skin black. Yikes!
In addition to being a budget blush option, Pepto is apparently also a great pimple treatment. "The inactive ingredients in Pepto-Bismol contain salicylic acid and benzoic acid — a breakdown product of benzoyl peroxide," says Dr. Gabriel. "These both have great anti-inflammatory properties and we use them regularly for acne treatment. You can use the Pepto on your skin as a treatment or mask and it will actually help your acne!" Go figure. (Pretty Gossip)

Photos: Via Pretty Gossip

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