Paz de la Huerta Treats NYC Courthouse Like Her Boudoir

Indie darling and Boardwalk Empire bad-girl flapper, Paz de la Huerta, ever the source of totally insane news, made quite a scene in court recently when she lotioned every inch (and there are a lot of inches) of her legs right smack in front of the judge. She was just stopping by, you know, to plead guilty after a drunken altercation with socialite Samantha Swetra earlier this year, but her main priority seemed to be lubing up her leggies, and apparently the judge didn't mind, either, since she only got community service and alcohol counseling. Guess it pays to be we didn't know that already! We're not sure whether to congratulate this loony toon on her light sentence, or scold her for treating the justice system like a day at the spa. What do you think: Lubing up in court, o-kay or no-kay? (Page Six)

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