Pauly D Gave Kim Kardashian A $40,000 Wedding Present

Apparently, Jersey Shore star Pauly D has no hard feelings towards Kim Kardashian, despite the fact that she didn't invite him to her wedding. According to TMZ, Kim K approached Pauly D to DJ a party at her NYC DASH store during Fashion's Night Out (this Thursday!), and, instead of charging his usually $40,000 appearance fee—that's right, he makes $40,000 to "DJ"— the spiky-haired guido agreed to the gig for his wedding present to her! Judging by reports that KK made over $17 million from her nuptials, we're guessing the saved kash wasn't major—but at least she isn't making him pay her. We're not sure who we want to see more: Pauly D reigning over the Kardashian's mob scene or AJ MClean singing at Kiehl's. They're both so klassy!

Image of Pauly D via MTV, image of Kim Kardashian via E!.