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Tuesday Events: Swingers and Flappers, No Direction Home, Talibam!, Earl Greyhound, and Naked Ping Pong

events-flapper-danceAt the Swingers and Flappers Ball, many a Tom Dandy and Zelda Fitzgerald will be clinking flutes and doing the Charleston. Swingers and Flappers Ball at Connolly's Pub & Restaurant
Martin Scorsese's No Direction Home follows the career of Bob Dylan to his famous 1965 London concert. Heady stuff. No Direction Home at Walter Reade.
Bring a lighter and a fist to bang when Earl Greyhound and, like, a hundred other bands play Santos' tonight. Earl Greyhound at Santos' Party House.
There's not a lot of nudity going around in Naked Ping Pong, but there is a lot of free booze. Naked Ping Pong at 487 Greenwich.
God willing, tomorrow will be a night-long dance party. Stretch in preparation at this weekly DJ-fest. Shit Hammered We Bite at Happy Ending.
In a similar vein, get psyched for tomorrow courtesy of Talibam! Talibam! at Cake Shop.