Inspiration Overload: 10 Hot Designers, 10 On-The-Rise Artists

We may not be the Medicis, but we can still appreciate fine art. So, when we heard that hip downtown display space, Parlor Showroom, was opening its doors to welcome 10 new NYC artists on board, well, we got in line. Parlor Showroom combines the feel of a gallery with the shopper's appeal of the store. Understated but eye-catching threads from the likes of Samantha Pleet, Gretchen Jones, and Ann Yee hang as if by magic on invisible strings, while emerging artists' work pairs below to complete a series of succinct vignettes around the room. The art/fashion hybrid immediately begs the question: "Does art inspire fashion, or does fashion inspire art?" When the wearable collections look so at home among the treasure trove of new artworks, we're inspired by it all.
Parlor Showroom, 7 Mercer Street, loft 2E (at Howard Street); 212-226-8777.

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