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24 bags to take you away this summer. By Chadner Navarro & Piera Gelardi
Catskills, Amagansett, or a quick spin through Paris—maybe you've spent weeks mulling over your Memorial Day weekend possibilities. Or, if you're like us, you might check the weather report the day before and let the mood take you where it may.
Even without reservations, we've found the right overnight bags and luggage to whisk you away to beach, mountains, and far-flung cities in style, this weekend and all summer long. And even if the only place you're headed is the in-laws, packing up can still be the ultimate pleasure.
capecod_summergetaway.jpgIsland Hopping
Whether heading to The Cape or the Caribbean, there's no better way to break up the monotony of a lazy summer workweek than a speedy escape to a lazy beachscape. These weekenders provide adequate room for all the essentials while keeping compact enough to hide beneath your desk prior to a Friday afternoon flight. Our pick: La Luna Hotel.
Below, from left: A.P.C. Weekend Bag, $220, available at A.P.C. in Los Angeles; Surface to Air Leather Usine Bag, $552, available at Oak; Billykirk Overnight Travel Bag, $320, available at Billykirk.
Sticking close to home doesn't have to mean the backyard. Instead, sneak off to Fire Island or Venice Beach with one of these brightly colored totes—as sunny as a beach umbrella on a blazing summer day. Our pick: Astroland.
Below, from left: Jack Spade Dipped Coal Bag, $175, available at Barneys; Alexandra Cassiniti Brush Stroke Tote Bag, $220, available at Alex Cassiniti; Epice Large Multicolor Carry-All Tote, $126, available at Kate.
ditchplains_summergetaway.jpgSurf Rats
For all you adrenaline junkies (and wannabes), those gnarly waves of Australia, Portugal, or Montauk's Ditch Plains beckon. Bring along any of these these surf-approved carryalls, ideal for all the board shorts you can handle. Bonus: the treated washed fabrics will make it seem like you've had these bags for ages. Our pick: Surfing Australia.
Below, from left: Salvor Projects Marsupium Duffle, $179, available at Barneys Men's Co-op and Project No. 8; Mike & Chris Alvin tote, $380, available at Chocosho; Steven AlanWashed Travel Bag, $168, available at Steven Alan.
tokyo_summergetaway.jpgAsian Major
Yes, it's true—Asia will soon be taking over the world (it's the future!), so what better time to familiarize yourself with the countless languages, cuisines, and cultures available at every corner than now. Take these sleek wheelies along for the ride and find yourself in fine company among the bright lights of Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Our pick: Hong Kong Fashion Week.
Below, from left: BTL Luggage, for info, go to BTL; BTL Luggage, for info, go to BTL; Bruxe Jefferson Rolling Duffle, $180, available at Society Goods in Queens.

Despite the devastating Dollar-to-Euro exchange rate, it's hard to stay away from Barcelona or Rome. Avoid sticking out like a sore American thumb and sink some dough into any of these chic suitcase that underplay our fine nation's financial downturn. Our pick: Fidenza Outlet, Milan.
Below, from left:Dolce Vita J.P. Mattie Big Leather Bag, $292, available at Dolce Vita; Want Les Essentials Da Vinci 72-Hour Travel Bag, $1,795, available at Opening Ceremony in New York and Los Angeles; ECSOTYPE School Bisected Leather Duffel, $358, available at ECSOTYPE.
catskills_summergetaway.jpgNature, Nurture
Sometimes all you really want do is get outta dodge, sling your belongings over your shoulder, and commune with what used to be here before we obliterated the Native Americans and built the Gap. For no-frills, down-to-earth vacations like camping in the Catskills or cabin-hanging in Tahoe, a rugged duffel is ideal for sleeping bags, mosquito repellants, and flannel of all kinds. When going more upscale, a chocolate brown leather weekender is at once utilitarian and luxurious. Our pick: Canadian Mountain Holidays.
Below, from left:Umbro by Kim JonesWoven Weekender, $297, available at Gargyle; Krane Hawker Duffel, $420, available at Active Endeavors; Jas M.B. for Katherine E Hamnett, $875, available through Jas M.B.
southoffrance_getaway.jpgPuttin' on the Glitz
Looking to play out your champagne wishes and caviar dreams? Vacations in St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, or St. Barth fit the bill. When white beaches, dazzling casinos, and skimpy bikinis are just about everywhere, you'll fit in with any of these super-sleek, super-tiny carryalls. With their retro shapes and luxe materials, these bags are all about understated elegance. Our pick: Cagnes.
Below, from left: 3.1 Phillip Lim Canvas Duffle Bag, $325, available at E Luxury; Globe Trotter for Conran ShopTrolley, $1,570, available at Conran Shop; Glaser DesignsAll-Leather Two Compartment Bag, $1,200, available through Glaser.
africa_getaway.jpgWorldwide Explorers
This summer may just be the season you decide to take the plunge and take a life-changing travel adventure. Run as fast as you can from the oppressive summer heat and discover the cool air of Patagonia (glaciers, waterfalls, and the southern tip of the world), or journey deep into the heart of Africa bouncing from safaris to sand surfing. Bring all the comforts of home with you in these durable, adventure-ready suitcases that are built to withstand all the wild things you can muster. Our pick: Patagonia.
Below, from left: J.W. Hulme Co. Large Leather Rolling Duffle, $1,250, available at J.W. Hulme Co; Maison Martin MargielaGuitar Bag, $1,195, available at ELuxury; Filson Medium Duffle Bag, $265, available at Filson.
24 bags to take you away this summer.

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