Our Tribute To Style Phenomenon, Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider, one of the most effortless beauties to ever grace the silver screen, has passed away in Paris after a long illness, at the age of 58. Perhaps most famous for her role as Marlon Brando's illicit lover in Last Tango in Paris, for us, it's her inimitable on-screen style that will remain a continuous inspiration. With striking tousled curls and a smoldering sans-makeup look (save for a sexy swipe of eyeliner), Schneider's carefree ensembles are emulated by the fashion-conscious everywhere to this day. From pairing oversized knits with high-waisted denim flares for an afternoon tryst with Brando to donning Hawaiian and Liberty-printed button-ups for a roadtrip in The Passenger, Schneider's clothes speak of a nonchalance and sang froid endemic to a true style icon. A precursor to Freja Beha's coveted look, we have no doubt that Schneider's influence will live on in outfits, both on and off screen.

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