Words for Wear: These Type-Centric Pieces Spell C-H-I-C

From building towers with our alphabet blocks to picking fonts for our AIM settings, letters and typefaces has been a part of our world since before we knew what they were. They're the literal building blocks of our language as well as beautiful to look at (have you really stared into the soul of a size-200 Times New Roman "e"?), and we love to pay homage to the little guys whenever we can. We're totally lusting after bold and graphic alphabet-printed shirts and accessories that our inventor-friend Johannes and our kindergarten teachers would approve of. So whether it's a monogram stamped on your shirt, or a scattering of letters all over your legs, these fun goodies are a fantastic (alpha)bet!
Above, from left: Acne looks from spring '10; Acne Love is Blue Dress, $325, available at Oak; Vena Cava look from fall '09.
Above, clockwise from left: Salvor Latitude Zero Scarf, $236, available at Oak; American Apparel Helvetica Alphabet Shirt, $20, available at American Apparel; Little Factory Lowercase Scarf, $58, available at Little Factory; Comme des Garçons Wallet, $370, available at Bloomingdale's.
Above, from left: Rogan Futurepoem Tee, $67, available at La Garconne; Henry Holland Tights, $14, available at My Tights

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