5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 30 2012

Oscar de la Renta has traded out Karlie Kloss, the designer's model of choice for his ad campaigns for the past five seasons, for Candice Swanepoel and Katryn Kruger. The pictures, shot by Craig McDean and styled by Alex White, are seriously stunning. (WWD)
Shoe Mania (yes, that warehouse filled with shoes in Union Square) has abruptly closed...without letting the company VP know. Say whaaat? The company is now facing major lawsuits, but we're curious as to why Shoe Mania had to call it quits in such a sketchy-slash-sudden manner in the first place. (Racked)
Can you imagine if our beloved city was the home of the Olympics this summer? We're equal parts excited and stressed just thinking about it. Turns out, NYC put in a bid to host the globe's best athletes, which you can watch in this video. (NY Times)
Oh, MTA. We have such a deeply complex relationship with you. We love you when you take us from Point A to Point B without having to deal with honking cabs or unbearable traffic. But, now that you've gone and threatened to charge us every time we purchase a new Metro Card, we have to admit: we've got some beef with you. Are you really going to punish us for being forgetful sometimes? (Gothamist)
Attention, gents: Truman's Gentlemen Grooming is offering up a summer Friday that can't be beat. Book a haircut, and you'll be treated to a scalp massage, facial compress, and refreshing Ultimat Vodka drink. The weekend just got better. (Truman's NYC)

Photo: WWD