5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Nov 23 2014

Photographed By Lauren Perstein.
Everyone experiences pleasure differently, and understanding how that looks and feels can be empowering and exciting. Recently, a few folks were up to the challenge of conceptualizing their own sexualities; they put together drawings, photos, and other images of what they think their orgasms look like.
Your dinner plate is a window to your soul — or something. If you like your food hot and spicy (Be honest: When’s the last time you thought a dish could use some sriracha? Yesterday?), you might also have this personality trait. (Outside)
Score goodies — like these stylish workout leggings — for yourself or your favorite fitness buff this holiday season, without going broke. Because, the only thing you should be breaking is a sweat, right?
Traditionalists love their simple-but-effective yoga workouts that focus on the poses, breathing, and balance (both internal and external). But, we’re also excited by these five out-of-the-box classes. Blacklight vinyasa, anyone? (SHAPE)
Mom’s advice to always wash with soap and water is great in theory, but you may want to avoid cleansers with this ingredient. Be sure to update the folks over Thanksgiving dinner. (The Atlantic)

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