How To Order Wine Like A Pro

You're a grown-ass adult, so you really shouldn’t be freaked out when a waiter hands you a giant leather-bound wine list and lets you know a sommelier is available to help you select a bottle. But, even if you know your way around regions (old school wines named after where the grapes are grown, like Bordeaux) and varietals (more new school, when wines are named for the specific grapes, like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are both grown in the Bordeaux region...what?) Sometimes, those pages and pages of bottles are just scary.
FOMO? More like fear of choosing wrong. And, we get it. No one wants to be talked into something that costs half a month's rent they don't end up liking. That’s why we got advice from two ladies who are completely slaying the wine game — seriously, they can pick our bottles any time.

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