Olympic Fashion, Lou Doillon Dances, And Rihanna Gets Paid $80k To Sit Front Row

Well, that's one way to wear boxers. An eyebrow-raising "borrow from the boys" look from Republica.it. (Fashion Copious)
Lou Doillon appears in Vanessa Bruno's fall 2009 video. Our girl crush grows by tenfold. (The Fader)
As far as fashion accoutrements go, googly eyes are much under-appreciated. Are they the next safety pin? (I Love Cat Party)
Rodarte designs "athletic-wear" for the Olympics. Because nothing says "Hey! We're good at sports!" like a fringy, multi-colored, Muppet-Suit with attached feet. (T Magazine)
How much do celebrities get paid to sit in the front row at fashion shows? Nearly our entire college tuition, that's how much. We're indignant over here! (Fashionista)
If there's a will (read: Prada sandals), there's a way. Two kids hack into Fashion Week. (Racked)
You like Margiela? We know you do. Pick from over 1000 pieces up for auction at 1stdibs--courtesy of the late Marcia Berger, who bought Margiela over the years, and kept it in its pristine collection...never even taking it out of its shopping bags! Now that's a bag lady we can get behind. (Elle)
in the '70s Yves Saint Laurent put women in pantsuits, [...] and now women can walk around in pants everyday, which several decades ago was not considered appropriate. But, you know, men aren't supposed to wear a dress. Men aren't supposed to wear a skirt. Men aren't supposed to wear sheer mesh -- unless you're like a tranny or something. So I'm really interested in maintaining masculinity and still being able to explore other venues of fashion. --Andrew Mukamal, our new favorite person, ever. (Out)

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