9 Love Superstitions To Laugh At (Or Stress Over)

Illustrated by Alex Citrin.
As bizarre as superstitions in general may be, the ones that address our love lives manage to be even stranger. Knocking on wood is one thing, but doing things like fighting over wedding bouquets and ripping flowers apart is another story.
Sure, it's not likely that many people out there take love superstitions like the "he loves me, he loves me not" game as gospel. But that doesn't stop us from turning to the comfort (or stress) of these old wives' tales. So why do we keep imbuing romantic meaning in random acts and objects? And why do these superstitions, more often than not, put the onus on women to worry about love prospects?
To explore those questions, we've rounded up some of the most well-known (and perplexing) superstitions about love, marriage, and romance. As we mentioned, many of these assume that all women are on the hunt for a partner — and many of them presuppose that all women are looking for a male partner — which, of course, is far from the truth. Read on to learn more about the superstitions that have commanded people's love lives. And make sure to take them with the appropriate amount of (pink) salt.

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