The Best Throwback Workout Videos From The ’80s & ’90s

I'm 34 and have, up to this point, belonged to at least 15 gyms. I join. I sweat. I debate going to a class. I try swimming in an infinity pool and try again. I quit. Then, after a couple months of sloth, I decide it's time to join again. The cycle has become a habit.
But, recently, I tried a different tactic and went in search of a great at-home workout video. Not the overly serious and intense videos of today, but the fun ones from the '80s and '90s. Ones that made me excited to grab a couple of free weights and set up shop in my living room. Remember those? Before gyms were gyms?
In my search for the best old-school workout videos, I found gem after gem. And, I've broken my gym-habit loop. Here are my five reigning favorites.

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