Old Faithful: Red, White, & Blue Is the New Black!

Okay, today our patriotism over-floweth! And thanks to our fashion director, Piera, we now have our Prosperity image to help generate an economic upturn (see the cookie AND the cone? We're no feng shui experts, but we'd say this symbolism is extremely positive). Anyway, we're feeling the love today, and we know you are, too. So, we've scoured America's marketplace (yeah, eBay) for some good-looking red, white, and blue goodies to keep the dream alive well past tomorrow morning.
Above, clockwise from top left:
Vintage Floral Coat
Uncle Sam's lady with a little extra style to boot.
Salute Mickey Pin—This could be just cool enough to make it into a Viktor & Rolf show. Not kidding.
Free Spirit Patch—Tack this on your inspiration board and let the good vibes flow.
Vintage Vera Scarf—I mean, if you're going to go for it, might as well wear this scarf Maude-style, just like nana would.
Now, if you REALLY mean business, you'll wear it all together. America the beautiful!

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