5 TV Heartthrobs & Their OKCupid Profiles

It's not your fault you fall in love with fictional characters. There are just so many attractive, well-written men on television. And, for whatever reason, they're also super single. As a result, you spend a considerable amount of time wishing, say, Tim Riggins, was real.
Well, if these characters did come to life, there are some major things we'd need to consider. Where would they hang out? What would their jobs be? And, more importantly, how would they date? Despite the swipe-right tendencies of today's singles, we imagine these characters would opt for a deeper dive in their search for love. They'd more likely choose a platform that would allow them to showcase how complex and well-developed their character is — like OKCupid. Ahead, five TV heartthrobs and their imagined online-dating profiles.

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