This Mascara Wand Is Downright Massive — & Your Lashes Will Be, Too

When it comes to mascara, many people believe that the smaller the brush, the more control you have over the application. While there is a lot of merit to that argument, sometimes the bigger the brush, the more massive the lashes. Why? A behemoth brush allows you to pile on the product with less swipes, building the can't-miss lashes of your dreams without much effort. At least that's what happened when I fell for Nyx's Badunkadunk Lush Lashes Mascara — and I may never go back to a thin brush again. Full, dense lashes in less time isn't the only selling point of this mascara, however. There's another commonly-held belief that mascara performs better after a week or two of use. That is, the product is just tacky enough to create fuller lashes in fewer strokes. This $7 one is exactly that — minus the wait. It arrives with a bulky brush that is covered in the tiniest rubber bristles you've ever seen, so you instantly have bodacious lashes. In fact, the oversized brush helps you get every single lash, no matter what length or density you were born with it. While we all like to say, “I got it from my mama,” for some, it's not always the case. Nyx Badunkadunk Lush Lashes Mascara, $7, available at Nyx.