Pretty Major? Pitchfork Launches A New Style Site Called Nothing Major

Like us, Pitchfork seems to understand that style extends far past just fashion — there's beauty, wellness, art, and naturally, music. With a great, big check right next to the music category, now Pitchfork will be extending its online influence with the launch of its first fashion website, Nothing Major. Okay, so perhaps you're thinking the name has a very casual, "whatever" kind of vibe — and you would be right.
Nothing Major's whole doesn't "take itself too seriously" motto, according to its site, is kind of the beauty of this new venture. Like Pitchfork, which has been able to spark major conversations and bring attention to indie and underground music artists, this fashion site will speak to the craft, design innovation, and new ways that fashion is currently being produced.
As Pitchfork reports, "Unlike most publications that focus on the seasonal cycles of the fashion industry and promote style through hyping unattainable and absurdly expensive clothing and goods, Nothing Major will keep its feet firmly planted in the real world." From this, and the handful of stories that have already gone live on the just-launched site, it seems like we can expect NoMa (yes, that's its nickname) to be like the new eye on the style scene in the time of fashion start-ups, Etsy, and indie craftsmen making it big.

In addition to the "journal" of content on the site, NoMa will also be offering an e-commerce component — at least on a small scale — which gives readers the chance to purchase trinkets, tees, etc. However, even in its early beginnings, there is still one question that remains unanswered: Can Nothing Major do for fashion what Pitchfork does for music? If so, that would be major, indeed.


Photo: Via Pitchfork

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