Whoa — Granny Panties Just Got Sexy

We've been loving and fearing the crop top in equal measure for the last few seasons. Slip dresses, Dr. Martens, and overalls co-exist comfortably in our closets (and we're pretty sure we don't look like Blossom when we wear 'em). Heck, even Winona Ryder's making movies again. At this point, we're so deep into the '90s revival, it hardly even feels retro anymore. But, there's one place the trend has yet to go: our underwear drawer — until right now, that is.
Meet the new, contemporary lingerie label NOE Undergarments. Helmed by twin-sister design duo Bonnie Rae and Shelah Jean, NOE is bringing '90s-minimalist sexiness back in a big way. Champagne-colored silk bodysuits; sleek, black bustiers and tap pants; sheer slips; athletic-inspired bras and briefs — and, oh yeah, granny panties that are actually kinda hot. The lookbook even stars a messy-tressed model doing her best broken-doll poses in undies and boots, and it's so very CK Be.
It all feels sexy, but in a distinctly fashion-forward way — pretty much perfect for style-conscious tomboy girls who don't do lace balconet bras. Find the boundary-pushing line at Fred Segal, Faire Frou Frou, and Journelle, and keep clicking to see more of the '90s-babe hotness in store. Good thing sheer's back in style — these underthings demand to be exposed.

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