I Totally Broke Texting Etiquette Because LOL

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Like most millennials, my preferred method of communication is texting. I am not a fan of talking on the phone, whether because of my awkwardness or fear of confrontation (or a little of both). I like having time to craft a suitable response and have come to associate phone calls with serious or emergency situations. When my mom texts me to “call her ASAP,” I instantly assume there’s been some kind of horrible accident. (Usually, she just wants to know if I need anything at Target...and usually, I do.)
One of my biggest pet peeves is an unanswered text. I’m pretty much always on my phone, usually scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, and reply quickly when someone texts me — and I expect the same courtesy. That means texting can take up a big portion of my day.
But I recently decided that it was time for a change. I’ve taken brief social-media hiatuses in the past, deactivating Facebook when I was studying for finals in college or removing Twitter from my phone when I needed a breather. But I’ve never gone without texting — and it was time. Not having to answer messages? Unsubscribing from overpopulated group chats that literally make my phone crash? Back when we just called one another, it was so simple and straightforward, something texts often aren’t.
So I decided to quit texting for a week. If someone sent me a text, I’d pick up the phone and actually call them. Maybe my friends would think I was a weirdo. Maybe, this experiment would revolutionize my time and productivity. I was about to find out.

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