The Best Free The Nipple! Foods For Miley Cyrus' Birthday

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Dearest Miley,

We are big fans of yours: From your enviable smoky speaking voice, to your awesome music, your amazing fashion sense, your outspoken supportiveness of LGBT issues, and your fearless defense of nipple rights, you stand out in our consciousness as the ultimate wild-child vegan nudist. We salute you and wish you the happiest of birthdays, full of all your favorite foods and drinks. In fact, we compiled some deliciousness for you that all look like, well, nipples, to celebrate your big two-three and support your campaign to "#freedatshit." (Yeah, we know, real mature, but we couldn't resist.) Hey, now: Come to think of it, pics of food and drinks that look like tits could be a great way to circumvent those ridiculous Instagram rules — are we right?! Anyway, cheers, and we hope you enjoy.

With love and admiration always,
The Refinery29 Food Team

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