Living With Balance Is The Key To Entrepreneurial Success — Here’s How To Actually Do It

appearance by Nikki Reed.
Finances are often what stop us from achieving that much sought-after balance in life; we worry about budgets, taxes, what's coming in and going out, and — as a result — we struggle with being able to connect with what really matters to us, including our personal goals.
For actress and entrepreneur Nikki Reed, actively carving out time to get out of the office is crucial to her career success — and being a working mom. “The time I spend unplugged is very precious…that’s when the big ideas come in," she says.
The reason she's able to achieve that balance in life? Saving time with tools like Mint and TurboTax from Intuit. With the Mint app, she’s able to see all her spending in one place, which, when you’re juggling a kid and all your different personal pursuits, can be invaluable. Likewise, TurboTax helps her recall everything she’s done in the last year, painting a full financial picture, so she can channel all her energy into balancing everything else in life. To find out more about how to live with balance, check out the video above.
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