For Nikki Reed, Starting A Business Took More Than Just Hard Work & Grit

For over a decade, actress Nikki Reed has made a name for herself on screen and off, also serving as a writer, producer, and director. Now, she counts owner of her own sustainable, eco-conscious jewelry brand, BaYou With Love, on her long list of accomplishments, as well — an endeavor that was full of risks and forced her to approach money with an entirely new mindset.
For Reed, entrepreneurialism has been a constant in every career she’s had, but when she decided to start her own company, she knew it was "going to take more than just hard work" — especially when it came to her finances. That’s why she turned to QuickBooks and TurboTax from Intuit, which helped her sort her personal and business expenses and simplify her taxes, so she could focus on her craft and doing what she loves. Watch the video above to find out more about how she built her business from the ground up and how she navigates the constantly expanding financial picture that comes with a constantly expanding life.

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