This Sports Bra Will Change The Way You Train

We know why we should work out: It's good for our hearts, releases endorphins, oxygenates our brains — the list goes on. But, then there are all the reasons we can't today: We're sleep-deprived. We're working late. Our only run-worthy sports bra is at the bottom of the laundry basket. Well, we're about to give that worn-down workhorse the retirement party it deserves. With the advent of Nike's Pro Bra collection, we've got one less reason to skip kickboxing and four state-of-the-art reasons to go.
Over two years and thousands of hours, Nike researchers studied movement and displacement patterns (apparently, breasts move in figure eights) to find the ideal fit, support, modulus (tendency to stretch), and material for every female body and workout. The result? Sweat-wicking, soft-brushed awesomeness. We're talking bras that keep everything in check with fabric knitted twice as tight and colors that liven up the dreariest workout routine. But, the big takeaway is this: Most women wear the wrong bra size. Nike's answer to that problem starts with this collection and ends with the Pro Fit Tool, a customized style/fit system you can put to use in stores or online.
Click ahead to see these breast-saving bras in action, and find out which one is best for your workout. 'Cause, even though it can't beat your 5K time for you, it sure makes it a lot more comfy.

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