5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 02 2012

In a city flooded with live music venue options, these theaters, halls, and bowls are the cream of the crop. (LA Weekly)
We're not the most openly political types, but seriously? Should the occasion ever arise, Newt Gingrich wants Brad Pitt to play him. (HuffPo LA)
Macy's Impulse line picks up its newest designer. Alberta Ferretti's bringing her flirty feminine sensibilities to the department store. (The Cut)
The UK banned a L'Oréal ad starring Rachel Weisz, saying that the ad misrepresented the product. This, coming from a country that still has a monarchy. (The Gloss)
Two East Coast teams may be playing, but that doesn't mean you should sit out on the Super Bowl Sunday fun! Get your game on at these optimal man, err, sports watching spots! (LAist)
Photo: Via The Gloss.