5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 10 2012

If you didn’t already know, it’s expensive to live the Sex and the City dream. Apparently, the average rent of a New Yorker is $3,352/month. Yikes. (Animal New York)
We admit to keeping some motivational photos of Tracy Anderson for our workout inspiration. The difference between this behavior and stockpiling photos of rail-thin models as “thinspiration” is the same as the difference between locking your door at night, and locking your door because the aliens are trying to kill you. (Huffington Post)
Some very badass makeup by MAC (the theme was “Gothic cowboy”) at Nicholas K. for your viewing pleasure. (BirchBox)
Even models fall, and sometimes they fall hard. Check out the top blunders, here! (Complex)
When they’re all dolled up, it’s easy to think these girls are older than they are- but seeing the fresh-faced models wandering the city during Fashion Week, looking dazed from all the go-sees, we’re reminded of how young they really are! The CFDA is now urging its members to require that models walking their shows are at least 16; we’ll see how that works out. (NY Times)

Photo: Via BirchBox