Living In New York Is Expensive, We Get It

Not that you need another reminder that living in New York can be painfully pricey, but how's this for perspective: What you're paying for that tiny, windowless room in the middle of Brooklyn could get you a three bedroom, two bathroom house in Texas. With a yard. And a patio. And a carport. Seriously, whoever coined the expression, "Everything's bigger in Texas" pretty much nailed it.
This week, Buzzfeed published a comparative piece showing the cost of living for twenty-somethings in Brooklyn, New York and in Waco, Texas, and the results were pretty depressing. Following two 22-year-olds who bring in the same annual salary of $32,000, Buzzfeed broke down what the two gals spend on food, entertainment, rent, and even the length of their commutes. In this tale of two cities, we'll leave it up to you to do decide whether New York is really worth the splurge. (Buzzfeed)
lilembedenhanced-buzz-22904-1380061937-4Photo: via Buzzfeed.