5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 18 2012

Robert Wagner made his predictions for where NYC would be in 2012 at the opening of Philharmonic Hall back in 1962. Some are waaaay more accurate than others, and we’re pretty glad that not all of these predictions have come true (you know, like the one that says shopping streets would become shudder malls). (Gothamist)
Um, it’s cool with you guys if we tear up a bit at these pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama at One World Trade Center, right? Great. (Huffington Post)
We soak in NYC real-estate in the same way our mom’s friends from Bridge soak in 50 Shades of Grey. The $70 million, 14-room penthouse that sold to casino magnate Steve Wynn marks the second-highest price ever paid for a Manhattan apartment. Well, it looks like the recession isn’t hitting everyone. Congrats, Steve. Just be sure to let us know if you’re looking for some magazine editors to take in. (NY Times)
A Queens school banned a fifth-grader from giving a speech on same-sex marriage. In other news, our hearts are breaking for this adorable kid. Kudos to NY1 for letting him give his speech on camera. (NY1)
Is it really so surprising that the mayor of such a fashionable city would have some serious opinions on women’s clothing? After all, Bloomberg has confessed to watching Gossip Girl. He was bound to pick up an opinion or two watching B and S. (NY Mag)
Photo: Gothamist
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