36 Products New York Beauty Pros Swear By

With so many beauty products out there, it can be hard to figure out what exactly is worth the investment, versus what makes sense to save on. That’s why we asked some of our favorite New York-based beauty professionals to share their top product picks — from holy-grail skincare crafted with diamonds to the best drugstore soap, plus some crazy-clever (and surprisingly useful!) Home Depot scores. Seriously, who knew?

Flicking through these carefully-curated lists is like striking beauty gold, and trust us when we tell you that these 36 goodies are no joke when it comes to saving your skin, getting that extra glow, or making your hair the healthiest, shiniest you've ever seen it. Are you ready to have your cosmetic mind blown?
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Georgia Louise
What do Jennifer Aniston, Linda Evangelista, Karolina Kurkova, and Gucci Westman have in common? Facialist Georgia Louise. They all rave about her magic hands with such fervor that we’ve dubbed her 'The Skin Whisperer,' and plan to do exactly what she tells us.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oribe.
Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream
“An amazing product! It gives the perfect amount of shine and moisture from roots to ends, and it smells absolutely magnificent.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Biologique Recherche.
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
“This balancing exfoliator is an excellent product because it gently exfoliates the skin, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes, and helps maintain the epidermis acid pH. It's also amazing for ingrown hairs. It’s hard not to get addicted because it feels so gentle on the skin and you will automatically see a difference.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Fresh.
Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant
“This is a terrific deodorant, because it leaves no residue and it smells great — like a warm lemon frost. Yum. It works well for people who have a hard time with perspiration, since it really masks the smell while going gentle on your skin."
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Photo: Courtesy of Medik8.
Medik8 CE-Thione Rechargeable Vitamin C Serum
“This is a really potent and effective Vitamin C serum, which is excellent in helping achieve and maintain a visibly brighter skin tone. I recommend this to all of my clients, especially those who suffer from pigmentation.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Georgia Louise.
Georgia Louise Rose Face Water
“What can I say? I created this luxurious bottle to add tremendous hydration to skin. It also tightens the pores, and is excellent for anti-aging, so it’s a great addition to your daily cleansing ritual. The rose otto is calming, and the pomegranate glycerol extract will help keep your skin supernaturally moisturized."
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Photo: Courtesy of End-Zit.
End-Zit Acne Control Drying Lotion
“Yes, this tiny little guy does wonders to the skin: It literally stops breakouts. And, it feels great on your face, without over-drying it.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Aerin.
Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner
“It soothes and protects my lips, especially when I travel. Plus, the scent is mild and pleasant.”
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Jimena Garcia
We’re definitely taking beauty lessons from brow queen Jimena Garcia, whose own brows rival those of reigning queen Cara Delevingne. Using a technique called feathering — in which the arch is tweezed to open up the eye, but not too much is done to the ends (‘back’ or ‘tails’ in brow-speak) — Garcia knows all about minimal beauty at its best.
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Photo: Courtesy of Live, Live, & Organic.
Live, Live, & Organic Bee Yummy Skin Food
“This cream by Live, Live, & Organic can truly heal anything! It's made from a luscious and potent concoction of wildflower honey, honey cappings, bee pollen, propolis, St. John’s wort oil, royal jelly, purified water, and balsam fir needles, which have been hand harvested in a small wilderness area with it’s own microclimate! Honey acts as a moisturizer by holding moisture several times it’s own weight, while also acting as a cleanser and emollient, too. Did you know that the enzyme content of honey is one of the highest in all foods? Plus, Live, Live, & Organic has a great store in the East Village on 10th Street.”
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Photo: Courtesy of In Fiore.
In Fiore Multipurpose Balm for Lips and Eyes
“This is honestly the most luxurious and special treatment for your lips and eyes. It's brilliantly soothing and de-puffing because of the mega-dose of carrot seed oil and resveratrol (from Japanese bamboo), which protects delicate under-eye skin from sun, wind, and extreme weather conditions."
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Photo: Courtesy of Rodin.
Rodin Olio Lusso
“This is such a rich combination of all the best oils — including sweet almond, argan, sunflower, and apricot-seed oils — for your skin.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Hourglass.
Hourglass Cosmetics No. 28 Primer Serum
"There is no other primer on the market that contains 14 essential oils and ten lipid-rich plant oils. The result is a super silky, lightweight, and aromatic serum that really refines the appearance of pores and fine-lines. I also love that it's vegan-friendly, which means no animal testing and no nasties like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates."
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Photo: Courtesy of Strange Love.
Dead Of Night Perfume Oil
“This scent is made by Elizabeth Gaynes, Helena Christensen, and perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, and I get stopped by everyone, everywhere. The Oudh imbues this scent with a warm resinous aroma, and it's mixed with jasmine, rose, sandalwood, amber, and musk, so you have a seriously sexy and heady scent. Warning: It's an aphrodisiac! For me, aromatherapy is everything.”
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Photo: Courtesy of (MALIN+GOETZ).
MALIN+GOETZ Eucalyptus Deodorant
“The only natural-based deodorant (and I feel like I have tried them all) that really works.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Sephora.
Tenoverten Nail Polish in Jane
“The best pink neutral nail color I have ever found.”
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Mauricio Bermudez
Originally a street artist, colorist Mauricio Bermudez now channels his creativity on hair at Lena Ott’s Suite Caroline salon in Soho. Between fashion shows and touching-up Victoria's Secret angels (he was working on Stella Maxwell's highlights when we popped by) Bermudez is a pro at knowing what buys are worth it — and which aren't.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oribe.
Oribe Curl Gloss
“It's the ultimate curl definer. Weightless and soft to the touch, this is the product I use on my hair every day.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Hair Story.
Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme
“There are no suds or lather with this ‘shampoo,’ but it does brilliantly absorb excess oils from the scalp without stripping the hair of all its essential oils and color. Note: It must be rinsed out like crazy or it can seem too heavy.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.
Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Baby Blond
“Since I've been recommending this masque to my clients, I've noticed that the blondes have been returning with the most consistent, pure, and clean tones of all.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Birchbox.
Sachajuan Volume Powder
“This is a magic dry shampoo, and it comes in two believable color versions: one for blondes and one for brunettes.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Major Moonshine.
Major Moonshine
“Colorist Daniel Moon’s set of 12 kaleidoscopic glitter gel creams look like they have crushed diamonds in them, glide easily onto any hair type, and dry to a shiny and sparkling finish.”
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Kevin Ryan
You’ve probably seen this New York native's off-the-cuff-coifs in W, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue, or on mega-stars like Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, and Hilary Swank; or on some of his campaigns for high-end brands like Chloe, Aveda, and Redken. So obviously, we were itching to delve into Ryan's beauty Hall of Fame. Warning: His recommendations may not be run-of-the-mill, but hey, where’s the fun in that?
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Photo: Courtesy of Unite Hair Care.
Unite Hair Care Expanda Dust
“This volumizing dust is virtually weightless and great to create volume and grip.” We can attest to its Marge Simpson-inducing heights (if that’s your thing) plus it’s all vegan and the company carries out absolutely no animal testing.
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Photo: Courtesy of RSession.
RSession 1Tourmaline Flat Iron
“My flat iron from RSession is always in my kit. It’s a multi-purpose flat iron with a curved design that lets me straighten and smooth out hair or add shape with flips, waves, or even curls — it’s an everyday essential for me.”
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Patricia Wexler
It’s near impossible to get an appointment with Manhattan dermatologist Patricia Wexler, so we take her product picks very seriously. The MD has become nearly as famous as the celebrity clients she treats thanks to her line of problem-specific skincare products that actually work.
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Photo: Courtesy of Natura Bisse.
Natura Bissé Diamond Ice Lift
“This is a ten-minute peel that tightens and lifts my face, while making me wrinkle-free and radiant. It’s great before a photo shoot or a black tie event — I use it personally and recommend it to all of my clients.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Colore Science.
Colorescience Sunforgettable Face Primer SPF 30
“365 days a year, I wear a broad spectrum SPF 30 — no excuses. With this primer, my skin tone looks even and my makeup glides on like silk.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Perfekt.
Perfekt Body Perfection Gel
“This gives your skin tone perfect color without streaking, is super hydrating, and covers imperfections, like varicose veins. It also washes off in the evenings with soap and water, without ruining summer whites during the day.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York.
Serge Lutens Beaute Makeup Remover
“These pads are great for lazy nights when you want to take your makeup off without ruining your hair. It even cleans off professional make-up and works on lashes, leaving skin moist and silky.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Wexler.
Patricia Wexler MD Dermatology Intensive 3-in-1 Eye Cream
“This makes my eyes firm and lifted, allowing them to appear more open and bright, and saving time in the morning to get rid of 'tired eyes.'”
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Rose-Marie Swift
Rose-Marie Swift, the editorial makeup artist who, for 30 years, has worked with some of fashion’s top photographers, stylists, and models (Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr are fans) knows au natural like no one else. And, as you’d expect from the genius behind RMS Beauty (her organic range of makeup), her all-time favorite goodies work from the inside out — and are 100% green and clean.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Super Elixir.
WelleCo. Super Elixir
Elle Macpherson’s super green mix tastes delicious — which is rare. “This stuff really works," Swift says. "It's alkalizing, energizing, and helps me get all my vitamins for the day.”
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Photo: Courtesy of RMS Beauty.
RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream
Each creamy pot of Swift's RMS pigments contain a moisturizing base of organic raw coconut oil, but it’s her Raw Coconut Cream that we (and she!) love the most. “It’s the easiest makeup remover and face cleanser ever," she says. "It's also great for all you lazy face washers for some guilt-free cleansing before bed, and is really nourishing and healing for both skin and lashes.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Ildi Pekar Skincare.
Ildi Pekar LED Light Therapy Facial
Though not technically a product, Swift can't stop raving about this facial. “Hands down, the best facial ever is Ildi Pekar’s LED Light Therapy"($150 for a 30-minute treatment). Celebrity skincare expert Pekar, like Swift, has major beauty chops — she studied chemistry in her hometown of Hungary before relocating to New York to set up shop with her arsenal of European-sourced lights and machines.
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Photo: Courtesy of Juice Press.
Juice Press Gravity Drink
“We all tend to forget our vegetables, so the best way to get nice, healthy skin is by drinking organic green juices. Every single green juice at Juice Press is unique, and the result really is beautiful skin. My favorite drink there is Gravity.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Bkr.
Bkr Water Bottle
“Nothing is safer for my morning-pressed, organic juice than putting it in glass, like these Bkr water bottles, rather than plastic.”
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Kathleen Barnea-Spink
The senior vice president at Purple PR — the internationally-renowned public relations agency — knows a thing or two about beauty. After five years of heading up the beauty division and launching campaigns for some major brands, she’s sifted through tons of labels and products and honed her must-haves into a clever and streamlined list.
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Photo: Courtesy of Odin.
Odin Vert Reseda
“I’m a fragrance-a-holic. Ask my husband, who is basically left shelf-less in our bathroom. Odin New York makes some of the most unexpected and chic scents out in the market. Whenever I wear their Vert Reseda fragrance, people literally chase me down the street to ask me what it is. It’s inspired by the Mediterranean, and that’s probably one of the reasons I love it so much, as I spent my childhood in Haifa, Israel… It must bring back some subconscious memories.”
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Photo: Courtesy of James Read.
James Read Sleep Mask Tan
“While living in London for four years, I had the extreme pleasure to meet and get to know the tanning legend that is James Read and help him launch his brand there, and now here. His 'Sleep Mask Tan' is a unique idea, an overnight mask that leaves you with a light Mediterranean golden glow — which is way more up my street than Oompa Loompa orange."
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Photo: Courtesy of Verso.
Verso Super Eye Serum
“First impressions count, which is why when I first saw Verso I was attracted to the packaging, of course; so Skandi chic. But, amazing results are what kept me around. Its Super Eye Serum is just what it says it is — super! And it feels and smells great. I can’t live without it.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Dove.
Dove Gentle Exfoliating Soap
“I love Dove soap…for all the obvious reasons.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Unite Haircare.
Unite Haircare U-Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner
“Technically these are two products — I know — but this dynamic duo is inseparable. They go together likes peas and carrots. They make my very long, tangly, and dry hair soft, manageable, and smell like heaven (it's the Hawaiian honey). I was using it at SoulCycle the other day, and a woman was waiting for me outside my shower to ask me what that smell is. It’s that good.”

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