4 Hairstyles That Require Just One Product

It’s time. The holidays have come and gone, and with them so has 2015. (Well, almost. You've got one night left, so let's make it count.) But as excited as we are to get gussied up and pop bottles, New Year's Eve can come with some high-pressure decisions. There's the task of finding that sparkly something (that then gets relegated to the back of your closet the other 364 days of the year) and calculating a bearable skirt-length-to-freezing-temps ratio to party-hop in. Throw in navigating the whole midnight kiss portion of the evening, and you've barely got time to figure out how you're going to nail a killer NYE beauty look.
That’s where we come in. Consider us your personal virtual glam squad. And we're making things easy-peasy this time around by taking one major decision out of the mix — what to do with your hair. Now you can focus on the fun stuff. That's why we turned to celebrity hairstylist Natasha Leibel for how-tos on four festive styles you can wear for any celebration. Plus, we used only affordable products from Walmart, because who has spare cash after the holidays? Don't worry, you can thank us later; for now, start the countdown.

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