Your Sheet Masks Just Got A Really Cool Makeover

When sheet masks first came onto the skin-care scene, they were met with skepticism from those in the beauty world. So, these pieces of fabric that make me look like a Jason stand-in are supposed to transform my skin? We were hopeful, but had reservations. But as these Korean skin-care innovations typically do, they won us over — and it wasn't long before we started coveting them as much as we do our Tom Ford lipsticks.
Lately, we've been seeing our now beloved masks get some innovative mini-makeovers. In place of the basic gel and cotton iterations (which we still adore, let's get that straight), we've seen sheets that are infused with petals, made with foil, and even lace. Ahead we lay out the newest versions we're excited about. Some might seem intimidating at first, but don't knock 'em until you try 'em, y'all.

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