The New Moon In Sagittarius Is Your Sign To Take Chances

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If you’ve been feeling lethargic, ambiguous, or uncertain about the future (due to the current transit of Mars retrograde), the new moon in Sagittarius that occurs on November 23rd at 2:57 p.m. PST and 5:57 p.m. EST will awaken your chart with vitality, passion, and excitement. For the first time in weeks, the collective is going to feel freer than ever and as though luck is on their side while the good times are coming in strong. 
New moons occur at the beginning of the lunar cycle when the wilful sun and tender moon unite at the same degree and zodiac sign, merging their juxtaposing energies together. Their planetary connection gives us the incentive and drive to start fresh and launch projects. They mark the beginning of a new chapter and help in setting our goals for the month ahead. 
Contrary to popular belief, new moons aren’t times in which we can predict the future. The moon, which represents our intuition, becomes dark due to the alignment with the sun and masks our perception. However, that doesn’t mean that they are bad times. New moons are the beginning stages of the hopes and aspirations you want to attain in the weeks ahead. Often, it's the cosmos urging us to upgrade and elevate our life. This could require moving forward in a different direction than anticipated. Remember: “every new beginning can come from another beginning’s end.” 
This particular new moon is the pure manifestation of Sagittarian energy—which as everyone knows can brighten anyone’s day because the archer is known for their optimistic energy. There are no other planets in relation to the sun and moon—but Mercury and Venus are still on a high after their conjunction in Sagittarius on November 21st. Therefore, we’ll be feeling the positive, pure, expressive, sensual, and combustible vibes from all the fiery energy in the sky. 
Although new moons are known to block out our intuition, we’ll be receiving, seeing, and hearing about the truth coming to fruition because the lunation falls in the sign of the blunt and direct archer. The veil that has been hiding reality is dropping and exposing the heart of all matters. Prepare yourselves to understand things from a clearer perspective—after it’s revealed in the most unexpected and controversial ways. The shock factor will be high, extremely enlightening, and life affirming. Words of advice: don’t use the scorching hot energy to pop off. Words can be extra harsh and mean, while our passions are ablaze. Think before speaking to say the right thing in the heat of the moment. 
With Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, ending the retrograde journey that began on July 28th minutes after the new moon occurs, we will feel the intense shift and urge to move forward. Jupiter is currently in Pisces, bringing the planet into its traditional rulership (Jupiter is the OG planetary ruler of Sagittarius and a Pisces). Therefore, we can implement the self-care tactics and strategies we’ve learned over Jupiter’s moonwalk into our daily lives. Now that we’ve grown and are focused on personal development, we can use the lessons that have been brought to the forefront of our consciousness in a practical and real way. 
Abundance, prosperity, boldness, extravagance are here. Embrace the generous vibe of the fire sign and Jupiter by helping those in need by donating to the charity of your choice, expanding our minds with knowledge, and fighting for the rights of others (be sure to include yourself, too). Yes, we will want to forgive—but we cannot forget. So, keep that in mind while repairing relationships. Lean into a progressive mindset, plan your next adventure, stay present and leave your worries behind, and put your dancing shoes on as we celebrate this jovial new moon. 
The world will feel like it’s our oyster. We’ll want to start projects, expand our horizons, embrace every possibility and opportunity that comes our way. There will be a desire to move onwards with relationships. Don’t forget that Sagittarius likes to bet against the house, odds, and take chances. This time around, under the new moon, we should bet on ourselves. But, if you’re feeling fortuitous then buy a lottery ticket. You could win big! 

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