EVERY Skin Tone Is Going To Want These New Makeup Launches

We know you had good intentions when you committed to doing both Dry January and No-Spend January, but you're only human — and that's a lot of abstinence. So, we're here to relieve you of one — we bet you can guess which.
But one of the reasons you probably gave up shopping was because it can get overwhelming, fast, especially if you're a woman of color with limited options to choose from. Finding both the right formula and the right shade can be tricky, but brands are stepping up to the plate and heeding the call for more inclusive shade ranges across the board. The perspective on what “nude” actually means is expanding — and that's a damn good thing.
Some of the best products are already available, while others remain shrouded in mystery with only an ambiguous launch date revealed. But we can say for certain that beloved, new, and celebrity-backed brands are all are gearing up to make 2017 the year of every skin tone. Click ahead for a sneak peek.