Foundations That Do It Better

By now, you're probably aware: Foundation has somehow acquired a seriously bad rap in the beauty world (case in point, the crazy amount of BB, CC, etc. creams that are taking the world by storm). Every woman wants to have smooth, even, glowing skin — but, as most of us know, the wrong foundation can make skin look worse than ever. As a result, many women have given up on foundation altogether, relying on simply concealer, powder (or, yes, BB cream) to even out their skin tone.
Well, it appears the customers have spoken, and the beauty world has listened, because the latest crop of new foundations are absolutely nothing like their heavy, cakey brethren of yore. From barely-detectable tints to high-tech full-coverage picks that mix water with pure pigment, it's never been easier to find the product that will leave you looking like you naturally have flawless skin. And, that's what we all want, right?
Ahead, the brightest new stars in the foundation world — your perfect match could be right this way!