This Opal Nail Polish Is Better Than Any Jewel

Okay, not really, but it's pretty damn close. Rescue Beauty Lounge's Ji Baek has done it again, with her new Ethereal polish — duo-chrome milky white with undertones of pink, gold, and blue. Opal is definitely having a moment, from hair to statement jewels, and it's easy to see why; the stone has a unique internal structure that enables it to look like a rainbow of hues, depending on the angle at which the light hits it. So it makes sense that the trend would jump on over to nails, too.

And who better than Baek to bring the jewel to life on our digits? We've called out the nail savant before for her uncanny ability to make even the most mundane hues multi-dimensional, exciting, and enticing. This beauty is part of her newest collection, Fan 3.0.

While the fashion girl inside us sees opal, the inspo for this polish was actually aquatic. Says Baek, "This color truly reflects the inside of a seashell — shiny, with mellow-white mica and flashes of pink that swim through its slightly golden-gray shimmer. You can practically hear the waves by looking at this bottle."

And, if you're feeling really fancy, the collection also features an iteration of the opal color with specks of gold flake swimming in it. It's like a deconstructed opal necklace for your nails.

The collection is hitting the RBL site tomorrow (so get those shopping fingers ready).

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Ethereal, $20, available October 26 on Rescue Beauty Lounge.

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