9 Spanish Language Series Everyone Will Be Bingeing On Netflix

Years ago, if you wanted to watch a TV show from another country, you'd have to venture into the shadier sections of the internet for scratchy, pirated versions with shoddy subtitles. For the most part, TV viewing habits were limited to American TV and American TV only. How bland.
Netflix is changing all that. International TV from a variety of countries has never been so accessible. We can watch Danish teens traipse across a post-apocalyptic landscape in The Rain or ghouls haunt an Indian detention center in Ghoul. That said, some of Netflix's best international shows have something in common: They're all in the Spanish language. In fact, the Spain-set show Money Heist is the most-watched foreign Original show on Netflix.
This fall, the Spanish language selection on Netflix will be more robust than ever. The trashy yet addictive reality show Made in Mexico, out September 28, peers into the lives of Mexico's young movers and shakers. Elite, out October 5, is a teen thriller set at a Spanish boarding school. From shows about the Colombian drug trade to family dramas that border on soaps, these are the best Spanish language shows available on Netflix.
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El Tiempo Entre Costuras (2013-2014)

When El Tiempo Entre Costuras starts off in the years before WWII, Sira Quiroga (Adriana Ugarte) is a timid dressmaker in Madrid. She's engaged to a nice guy. Her life's in order. Then, she meets Ramiro (Rubén Cortada), a man who compels her to abandon that well-ordered life — then dumps her somewhere in Morocco to fend for herself. All of this is a preface for how Sira became a spy for the British.

Watch It If You Like: Downtown Abbey or Howard's End
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Gran Hotel (2011-2013)

Put Gran Hotel at the top of your viewing list. Though Eva Longoria is producing the English language version of Gran Hotel for the 2018-2019 ABC television season, you'll want to see the lavish original first. Set in a fictional Spanish village in the years 1905-1906, Gran Hotel looks at the dynamics that take place between the owners and staff of a luxurious hotel.

Watch It If You Like: Downton Abbey with more sex and murder
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Narcos (2015-present)

Modern American TV is obsessed with unlikely men who start crime empires. But when it comes to sheer power and output, neither Walter White (Breaking Bad) nor Marty Byrde (Ozark) can compare to Pablo Escobar, the head of the Medellin drug cartel and central figure in the first two seasons of Narcos. Narcos masterfully blends fictionalized drama with an almost documentary-like transmission of fact. You feel like you're getting smarter as you watch. The focus of the fourth season of Narcos will move away from Colombia's drug wars and into Mexico's.

Watch It If You Like: Breaking Bad, Ozark, or documentary series about the drug trade on the National Geographic channel
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Club de Cuervos (2015-present)

When his father, the owner of the fictional Mexican soccer team Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo, dies, Salvador "Chava" Iglesias Jr. (Luiz Gerardo Mendez) quickly assumes the presidency. Not that he deserves it. Chava's sister, Isabel Iglesias-Reina (Mariana Trevińo), is far more qualified and knowledgeable, but patriarchal values dictated the decision. Going forward, Isabel will do whatever she can do unseat her brother.

Watch It If You Like: Empire and Succession, shows about family members competing for control of their joint enterprise.
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Merlí (2015-2018)

Merlí Bergeron (Francesc Orella) is here to teach you — and his students — about what really matters in life. Merlí adopts an unconventional teaching style for his philosophy class, much to the delight of his students and the frustration of the administration. The show is inspiring, funny, and a consistent tear-jerker. A final caveat: This high-school set dramedy isn't actually in Spanish. It's in Catalan, a language spoken in the northern region of Spain.

Watch It If You Like: Dead Poet's Society
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Money Heist (2017-present)

Money Heist managed to overcome its strange title and become the superstar of Netflix's international content – it's the streaming service's most-watched non-English show. The series follows a group of criminals on a highly elaborate quest to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. But the criminals are just lackeys of the Professor, a masked mastermind.

Watch It If You Like: Ocean's 8 or any similarly complicated heist movie
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Las Chicas del Cable (2017-present)

Citizens of the 21st century take interpersonal communication via technology for granted. Back in the 1920s, phone companies relied on workers — like the four main characters in Las Chicas del Cable — to connect phone calls. The women in Las Chicas del Cable, which takes place in Madrid, are at the vanguard of a new kind of life for women, one that's not entirely confined to domestic matters.

Watch It If You Like: Mad Men or Call the Midwife, which are also period pieces about women navigating workplace environments.
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Ingobernable (2017-present)

Let me be reincarnated with the strength and general badass disposition of Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo), the (fictional) first lady of Mexico. In the first episode of this gripping political thriller, all hell breaks loose, to put it briefly. Emilia's husband, Diego Nava, is assassinated, and Emilia and her children are put in danger – and she's accused of the crime. Emilia then has to save her family and her family name.

Watch It If You Like: Shows that focus on wives cleverly eclipsing their powerful husbands, like House of Cards and The Good Wife
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La Casa de las Flores (2018-present)

All happy families are alike, but all dramatic families are different in their drama. That's the famous line, right? Well, the drama in La Casa de las Flores is particularly entertaining. The de la Mora family owns Mexico's most high-end floral shop called, unsurprisingly, La Casa de las Flores. When Roberta, the mistress of the de la Mora family patriarch, dies, she leaves behind a whopper of a secret: her very existence.

Watch It If You Like: Dynasty or Succession, shows about similarly sprawling, privileged families.

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