The Elite Finale Swerves Towards A Surprise Cliffhanger. Here’s What It Means

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Elite season 2 finale, “0 Hours Missing.” 
As Elite season 2 comes to a close, you can feel yourself breathing a sigh of relief. After 8 new episodes of bloody intrigue, the police finally know who killed Marina (Maria Pedraza): Polo (Álvaro Rico) in a fit of rage. Polo is in police custody, formerly “missing” Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) is safe, and all is right in the world. It’s difficult to even imagine where Elite season 3, which is reportedly already in the works, could go. 
Then you get to the very last seconds of finale “0 Hours Missing.” As Samuel and Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) celebrate vanishing the monster who killed the girl they both loved… the monster strides into school more confident than ever. Polo is back at Las Encinas. His new girlfriend Cayetana (Georgina Amoros) is beaming and for good reason. She and one pesky statue is a huge part of Polo’s get-out-of-jail scheme. 
All of a sudden, you’re wondering if, after everything Samuel and Guzmán pull throughout Elite’s 2019 run, Polo will ever actually go to prison for his sins. That possibility doesn’t seem likely — but, there is one silver lining here. 
Polo could be Elite season 3’s next victim. 
The last act of the season 2 finale sets up Polo’s future. First, Polo’s ex-girlfriend Carla (Ester Expósito) confesses the entire true story of Marina’s murder. Once Carla is done talking, Polo is cuffed and arrested for the crime. 
But, there’s a catch. Before Carla tells Elite’s inspector (Ainhoa Santamaría) what happened to Marina, she gives Polo a heads up. Polo then tearfully stews on the stairs of Las Encinas as he waits for the police to take him into custody. Polo’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Cayetana notices his emotional display and asks her boyfriend what’s happening. Polo announces that his life is over and, off-camera, admits to killing Marina. Cayetana asks if the police have any evidence and Polo says no. However, he explains, the academic statue he used to kill Marina was dropped in a nearby lake and the authorities will have an easy time finding it after Carla inevitably tells them where to look (a cutaway shows her doing just that). 
At first, it looks like this is where Polo and Cayetana’s conversation ends. Yet, the final few scenes of “0 Hours” confirms that was sleight of hand. In a flashback, we see Polo’s interview with the inspector. He says Carla is lying because she is a jealous ex-girlfriend. After all, it’s not even like detectives have any evidence to hold him aside from Carla’s testimony. Polo can say as much because, as a new cutaway scene confirms, Cayetana used the information Polo gave her about the statue to find it before the authorities ever could. Now, Caye is hiding the statue in her closet underneath some clothing. 
With no hard evidence and just Carla’s testimony to hold against him, Polo is set free. It’s unlikely he is even on bail for a murder trial since there are nothing but words proving his guilt. That is not enough evidence to charge someone with murder. Especially not when the original suspect, Samuel’s innocent brother Nano (Jaime Lorente), has fled Madrid, “which, by the way, is basically admitting that he is guilty,” as Polo says during his interrogation. In the eyes of the very biased law, that statement is probably correct. 
Caye helped Polo get away with murder. 
While such actions may raise a few eyebrows, one can at least understand why the new Las Encinas student would go so far for someone so dangerous. In the penultimate season 2 episode “86 Hours Missing,” Lu (Danna Poala) reveals Cayetana isn’t wealthy a Instagram influencer and her fundraiser isn’t for an international charity organization. Instead, Caye is actually the daughter of a domestic worker and she was using the party to get money from rich people to pay her family’s bills. Polo is the one who saves Caye after Las Encinas expels her for the scandal. Not only does Polo get Cayetana re-enrolled at school during the first half of the finale, but he also gives her mom a small fortune to cover their debts for some time. 
“Everyone deserves a second chance,” Caye says before going to retrieve the statue. The crime is her way of giving Polo the same gift he handed her earlier in “0 Hours.” 
Still, it’s unlikely Cayetana has saved Polo forever. If you look at the rest of the cast’s faces as Polo walks down the Las Encinas stares, the students’ emotions range from infuriated to shocked. The phrase, “If looks could kill,” comes to mind. And maybe those words won’t just be an expression come season 3. Every batch of Elite episodes needs a mystery, whether that be “Who killed Marina?” or “Where is Samuel?” The idea of the Netflix series coming back asking, “Who killed Polo” couldn’t be more Elite
Watch your back, Polo, your days may just be numbered.

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