What I’ve Taken Away From Going Natural

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy.
This month marks my one-year natural hair anniversary. Meaning, it's been almost 365 days since I've cast aside relaxers, made the big chop, and embraced what my mama gave passed down to me: a head of naturally curly hair.
I'm not usually one for reflecting on milestones in my life (aside from my birthday, because duh), but some moments call for it, and I think this is one of them. Ahead, I summarize the things I've learned, experienced, and come to realize since hopping aboard the natural train.
It's important to note that they call it a natural hair journey for a reason. As my sister is quick to point out, I've only been a member of the curly gang for a year; I'm pretty much still in the initiation phase. It's a constant learning process, and I'll continue to check off lessons for a long time to come. I may not be officially sworn in yet, but I like to think that I'm well on my way.

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