It’s National Hot Chocolate Day: Here's Where To Get The Best Freebies & Deals

We got really excited when we realized that January 31 marked the confluence of a Polar Vortex and National Hot Chocolate Day. That's like the super blood wolf moon of drinks! This is the perfect chance for our favorite purveyors of hot beverages to give us good deals, right?
A few smart places agree, and you'll find their deals below, but we also have to call out the many chains who just completely missed the mark. Yes, sure, we just had National Hot Cocoa Day on December 13. Valentine's Day is in just over two weeks. But you don't see Macy's cancelling its President's Day sales just because we already got discounts on Black Friday. This is why we have calendars, people! And why we have these very important, very made-up holidays. Dunkin’ seems to have remembered the holiday only a few days ago and put out a press release hyping their many hot chocolate varieties ... with no discounts! Starbucks is straight up ignoring the day altogether. We're shocked by such insensitivity to our personal belief system.
Here are the companies that managed to honor their sacred National Today calendars. We salute you:
At some Biggby Coffee locations, baristas will give you a coupon for $1 off your next drink or buy-one-give-one when you buy a hot chocolate.
Nestlé Café by Chip is offering buy one, get one free hot chocolates all day.
Mother Earth Coffee in Kansas and Missouri is giving out free hot chocolates to everyone (limit one per person) until 6 p.m.
7-Eleven is selling its new Chips Ahoy-flavored hot chocolate drinks for just $1 for a limited time. This isn't exactly just for Hot Chocolate Day, but we'll take it.
In-N-Out gives free hot chocolate to kids ages 12 and under on any rainy day, which maybe it is where you are.
Jacques Torres is giving away, well, Jacques' insanely rich hot chocolate recipe for free. You can also get 10% off any order if you sign up for the newsletter.
For the opposite of a discount, New Yorkers can visit the PHD Terrace at the Dream Hotel in midtown and order a 20 lb spiked (with the liquor of your choice) hot chocolate for $375.

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