5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 06 2012

If you’re not already a master of the NCAA bracket technique, the Kingsbury Factor
boys break things down in this Bachelor-infused elimination challenge. As if you needed
another reason to watch your favorite guilty pleasure! (The Kingsbury Factor)

Manhattan's ever changing signs run deep. Take for instance, this liquor-store-come-wine-shop. Upgrade or too yuppy? (City Room)
Two of our absolute favorite New Yorker/vegetarians, are coming together for another book-turned-movie. We should probably expect upsetting images of animals dying. Thanks, Natalie Portman and JSF! (Indie Wire)

Racked has kindly assembled some awesome local shops to check out. Great for clueless
locals, and clueless tourists! Now excuse us, we will be busy shopping for the next two
months...(NY Racked)


There are two things we really love here at Refinery29: lots of colors, and infographics!
We also love to gasp over how much some poor (very wealthy) shmoes are forking over
for their amazing co-ops, lofts, condos, penthouses, wherever it is they go at the end of
their lovely days and put up their Louboutin-clad feet. (NY Curbed)


Photo: Via Kingsbury Factor