A Hassle-Free Way To Do Ombré Nails

Ombré nails are pretty much our favorite type of nail art — they look awesome in a wide range of colors, can be jazzed up with glitter, and are pretty simple to do. The only major downfall is that it can be difficult, not to mention expensive, trying to stock up on just the right mix of colors. Who actually owns the five different shades (of the same color) that the look requires? Well now, thanks to The New Black, you don't have to worry about finding the right mix of polishes — they've done the work for you with their Ombré Nail Shades 5-Piece Set.
Each set features five curated polishes that create the perfect graduated shades for your ombré nail art. These babies are a melting pot of of textures and finishes, meaning your fingers will be all fancied-out. So instead of wasting your polishes trying to DIY-mix each hue, leave it to the professionals. It's ombré made easy!
The New Black Ombré Nail Shades 5-Piece Set, $22, available at Nordstrom.

Photo: Via Nordstrom