The 29 Products The Beauty-Obsessed Will Fall In Love With

We all have a bucket list: See the pyramids, hike the Grand Canyon, go get it. And, while cosmetics can't always stack up to the Seven Wonders of the World, the same goes for beauty — at least for all the beauty nerds out there. For those of you who geek out over the latest skin-care breakthrough or K-beauty phenomenon, we present this: a beauty bucket list of all the products a true product junkie must try at some point in their lives.
From innovative concepts that are hard to believe to cult favorites that really do live up to the hype, our editors' medicine cabinets are stocked with products that every beauty nerd will appreciate. We challenge you to check a few of these off your list. Translation: If you’re fascinated by shedding a layer of skin from your feet, or playing with a curling iron that styles your hair for you, well, you’ve come to the right place.
Ahead, we've rounded up the beauty products we geek out over — and you will, too. So, how many have you tried?

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