How To Smell Like Someone Way Cooler Than You Actually Are

What'd you do this weekend? It's a question that's instilled mild panic in me since high school, when I spent 99% of Friday and Saturday nights grounded for talking back. Answering with "oh, not much" was, as the kids say, social suicide. So I learned to get creative, to embellish the details a bit, and I've been doing it ever since. It's not lying; it's improv storytelling!
No one needs to know that Seamless thanks you for being its most valued customer and Netflix prompts you to confirm you're still watching after 13 hours — that's between you and your therapist. But if you aren't confident in your ability to convincingly tell your friends at Sunday brunch that you were rolling backstage during Diplo's set last night, there's a workaround: You can just smell like you were.
Ahead, all the hair and body products you need to give off eau de party animal.

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