The Best Movies To Watch When You're Bored

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Pictures.
Life: Sometimes it's just not that exciting. Fortunately, humans have a great way to combat that. No, I'm not talking about going outside and breathing in fresh air. (Though, like, I guess you could do that, too?) What I'm speaking of involves a lot less energy, and a lot more Netflix and actually chill.
Who cares if the most amount of exercise you get that day is from picking up your remote. These movies are so exciting that you don't actually need to "do" anything, per se, in order to reap the benefits of an adventure. You don't need to go on a journey when the characters you're watching on screen are doing all the heavy lifting.
What movies should top your "I'm too bleh to move" list? Click through to read about all the movies that will quell your boredom, without ever making you leave the comfort of your couch. Bless them, truly.

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