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8 Iconic Makeup Looks To DIY This Summer

What says summer to you? A nice setup on the beach? A trip to a tropical locale? If we had to choose, it'd be a nighttime film festival at the park. After all, those outdoor cinematic moments provide us with everything we want this sweltering season: good music, great friends, and grand adventures.
But, some nostalgic summer flicks take it a step further and bring us beauty moments that can never be forgotten. Remember Milla Jovovich's red hair in The Fifth Element? Of course you do. "Go get my lipstick" might go down as my favorite part of David Lynch's Wild at Heart. Even a Schwarzenegger movie offers up A-plus beauty looks — just trust me on that one.
Consider these flicks (plus five of my other favorites) my proposal for your agenda these next few months: looking through incredible summer films and discussing how we can glean beauty inspiration from them. So, pull out your projector or fire up your Instant Queue, because they're about to do work.