Late Night? 9 Easy Beauty Tricks For Looking Well Rested

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford.
We've all been there: trading in beauty rest for another round of margaritas or a tempting late-night rendezvous. It seems just as you tuck yourself into bed, you're jolted awake by the soul-crushing beep of your alarm clock. And, one glance in the mirror will confirm that you're utterly exhausted, baggy eyes and frizzy bedhead on full display.
But, there's no need to play hooky today, because we're here to help you pull it together. Ahead, we detail some of our own morning-after rituals, from depuffing eye tricks to getting ready in next to no time. Armed with unlikely tools like olive oil and dryer sheets, we're taking beauty hacks to the next level. Fool your coworkers into thinking you got eight glorious hours of sleep — we'll keep your secret.

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