How To Meet A Mansome Gentleman: Peep This Manscaping-Themed Movie

From guyliner to mantyhose (yes, those happened), we've seen many dude-centric trends come and go. But it seems like "manscaping" is one that may be sticking around. And Mansome, in theaters today, is a much-hyped flick that serves to uncover the very personal subject of male grooming…head to toe. Morgan Spurlock, who brought us the McDonald's disaster doc Super Size Me, turned his focus to a more humorous social debate this time 'round with the help of actors Will Arnett and Jason Batemen, both Mansome producers who also appear in the film.
Masculinity manifestations are aplenty these days, from grungey Jesus types to perfectly coiffed fellas. But, there seems to be a hairy situation lurking beneath the surface when it comes to less-discussed aspects of male grooming.
The CEO of Fresh Balls, a company that supplies an actual scrotum scent (really puts the "eau" in eau de toilette, eh?), is just one of the experts interviewed by Spurlock. The film spotlights an array of famous faces to discuss their primping practices, including Zach Galifianakis, the sharp-dressed men of ZZ Top (forgive us for being crass, but we wonder if the carpets match the overgrown drapes?), Anthrax's Scott Ian (known for his dramatic Shakespearean goatee), and John Waters.
The smooth experts at The Art of Shaving sponsored the premiere event in L.A. last week, encouraging the audience to come in and learn how to properly shave (without nicking your precious family jewels...meaning your face, people!). From mending a receding hairline to hair removal, this film certainly delves into the depths of the diverse manscape of America. Take a peek at the trailer here and, if you like what you see, plan your movie date accordingly.
Photo: Via Mansome/Facebook

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